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Aquatic fitness

Maybe it’s my presentation of Ai Chi + IHT at Ai Chi Day 2021 that brought you here.

Dubbelhakedans - Ansiktsgympa med Lisel Humla, Urforma nu

Facial fitness

A silent movie for you who want to do a short facial workout with me.

Longevity as a lifestyle

We use the word ”longevity” in Swedish as well. As a starter I’ll recommend some good podcasts about longevity as a lifestyle.


Don’t just take our word for it!

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CEO, Founder

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fan of Lisel Humla

Aquatic fitness and relax

Ai Chi + IHT =

Playlist: Aquatic fitness
Watch this playlist on YouTube

Ai Chi Day 2021

This year’s Ai Chi Day was great! Lisel Humla was one of the presenters with Ai Chi + IHT =. Read more here

More inspiration for you

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PHilosophic fitness

Longevity as a lifestyle

Until you can get more of my philosophic fitness in English I want to recommend som good podcasts about Longevity as a lifestyle.

The Live Long and Master Aging Podcast

A sensible and reliable podcast where Peter Bowes gives us so interesting and inspiring interviews about longevity and living healthier.

Longevity som livstil med Lisel Humla - Urforma nu

Facial fitness

Do the Double chin massage dance

Do the double chin massage dance - Dubbelhakedans

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